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Attack / Casualities -1852K / 100%
Defence / Casualities 0 / 0%

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Subject: Cr.Nubs атакует ОТПМ

Log date and time: сегодня в 06:52:54

Attack: Clon из деревни Cr.Nubs
  LegionnairePretorianImperianEquites legatiEquites imperatorisEquites caesarisRamFire catapultSenatorSettlerHero  
Troops 002150001483460001

Crop 3204

Casualities 002150001483460001

Crop 3204

Survived 00000000000

Изгородь: Строение не было повреждено

Главное здание: Строение не было повреждено

Ни один Ваш солдат не вернулся

Wood0 Clay0 Iron0 Crop0 0% [0 of possible 0]


Defence: Дефенсер из деревни ОТПМ
  PhalanxSwordfighterPathfinderTheutates thunderDruidriderHaeduanBattering ramTrebuchetChieftainSettlerHero  
Troops 00000000001
  Total: 0
Total (Defence strength):


Total (Defender′s looses):


Potential attack value is calculated for survived defender′s troops.
Attack efficiency (AE) is a ratio of total defence losses to total attacker′s losses, taking bounty into account.
For example:
AE = 1 - a draw, equal losses
AE = 10 - the odds are in attacker′s favour. The defender got his ass kicked
AE = 0,1 - the odds are in defender′s favour. The attacker is heavily floped.

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